About Me

Hello, world!

This is me. a picture from Diwali 2018.
I looks similar now ( expect the weight has increased maybe :D).

I am a Software Engineer living in Pune, India.


Why the blog is named “Hello World” ?

I believe, that’s how everyone started to write code ?
Engineers are born out of curiosity, Computer Engineers are no different.

Greeting you with some code, to print “Hello, world”

section     .text
global      _start                              ;must be declared for linker (ld)

_start:                                         ;tell linker entry point

    mov     edx,len                             ;message length
    mov     ecx,msg                             ;message to write
    mov     ebx,1                               ;file descriptor (stdout)
    mov     eax,4                               ;system call number (sys_write)
    int     0x80                                ;call kernel

    mov     eax,1                               ;system call number (sys_exit)
    int     0x80                                ;call kernel

section     .data

msg     db  'Hello, world!',0xa                 ;our dear string
len     equ $ - msg                             ;length of our dear string

How to execute it ? ( On ubuntu 18.04 )

sudo apt install as31 nasm
nasm -f elf64 helloworld.asm
ld -s -o helloworld helloworld.o

Why I think writing is important ?

In my little experience of 7 years of working as Software Enginner, I have noticed several good/bad things in software development.
One of which is - People who can write/document/explain things well are Good Engineers.

Yes, “bijective function”.

I have worked with many Senior Engineers, 10x Engineers, managers, founders, directors and this inference is based on my little experience. Apart from learning from people I meet, I also read/follow people on internet and try to learn from their experience/writings. I find great engineers are able to articulate their thoughts well, manage their time well, keep learning everyday and make this world a better place.

people section of my website has list of people I follow and learn from.

I have decided to get better at writing and learning. When we decide to explain to world what we are doing, We see what actually we should be doing. Systematic approach comes from peace of mind and getting things done.
I am learning to write, follow systematic approach to learning and eventually work for myself in future.

What I am writing on this website ?

[+] blogs - blogs that I write. Technical, Non technical, General.
[+] projects - projects I am working on/worked before.
[+] people - people I follow and aspire to become like.
[+] track - daily tracking of my time and activities.
[+] me - few details about me.
[+] resume - my resume.

With this I can now mark my hello world blog task as complete!!.

A rose from my balcony

Thanks for reading.