I started tracking - “What I do on everyday basis from July 12th, 2019”. This blog post is to celebrate 2 months of successfully tracking my personal time, tasks and life.

** My time tracking available here -> Time Tracking **

This was after inspiration from multiple folks. One example is @sacha on her website has weekly tracking, monthly tracking of her time.
It was in my todo list for long time, It needed some push and hard work.
I finally can say that it has become a day to day activity after tracking my time for 2 months.

How Did I start?

Simply by adding basic details of time spent everyday on various activities.

Example :

  • Going to work
  • Reading a book
  • Shopping, Travel
  • Photos I clicked
  • Learning something
  • Tweets that I liked and my tweets
  • Random thoughts

I do not have a fixed template for this - Since it will make tracking a boring process.
I wanted to learn what is best for me and then add process around it to make it easier.

In the beginning, I found it difficult to write it, mainly because it adds a self check on time, adds accountability.
With time it became easy to do so.
Everyday before sleeping, I write at least few lines about work done for the day and rough Plan the next day.
I have scheduled a reminder on my calendar for this activity for 20 min (Honestly that has not worked well, But it at least reminds me about tracking).

What Did I learn ?

  • Keeping focus and tracking on what you do is not easy.
  • Accountability makes your schedule easy.
  • Scheduling your time works - If followed diligently everyday.
  • It’s not easy to write on busy days.
  • Tracking gives you a sense of accomplishment for the day.

Reading through the past month and identifying accomplishments helps. Tracking time also helps you to know your velocity for decided goals.
Example - How much time does a 200 page book reading should take ? few weeks ?
It takes time to come up with anything significant to write. Do not think about who will read through the track, It makes a perfect sense to write for only you to read.

What is next ?

I want to continue tracking my time and add more details into my daily writing.

  • Schedule for workdays
  • Fixed template for work days
  • Status page - for books currently reading(and how much it is complete)

I read many things throughout the day - Books, Blogs and Technical Items. I want to add a section of those things into my daily tracking. I remember having productivity and life hack conversation with many people - There is no correct way to organize your .track and .plan.

.plan -> This is plan for the next day, Sometime in future I also want to add this as a separate section with minimal details and strict template.


I have come up with many improvements, That I will hopefully add one by one from my spare time.

  • Fixed templates ( Work day, Holiday, Photo, Tweet, Travel)
  • Photo gallery
  • Better organization and search
  • Easy way to categorize time on activities.
  • Categorize work and personal tracking in future.

There are many things to do, This is just a start and everything worth takes time. Iteratively and slowly I plan to do better. This is a long journey, My next milestone is 4 months where I will write another blog post on impacts Tracking has on productivity and work done on daily basis.

Thanks for reading this blog post.
How do you track your personal time, activities, life ?

- Nagesh ( )